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Supports 100+ email service providers including
Godaddy and Namecheap.

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Key features

Secure, faster and easy-to-use webmail for your mailbox.

Free, fast and secure

Webmail3 is absolutely free to use, comes with link-tracking protection to keep away prying bots.

HTML editing and signatures

Compose HTML email directly and include signatures, tables, inline-images and text-formatting.

Privacy focussed

Webmail3 provides built-in HTTPS-only protection using url-redirect preventing MITM data leak and pixel tracking.

Desktop notifications

Get notified on your browser and desktop, pin webmail to a tab and keep productivity rolling.

Auto-service discovery

Configuring your domain for service discovery is easy. Learn more about configuration and setup here.

Mobile-friendly webmail

Responsive on wide range of devices, including tablets and phones. Visit from your phone browser.

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- How webmails work?

Webmails scans DNS based configurations to obtain IMAPs host, and connect you directly to the host for mail sending and delivery.

- Which email service providers do you support?

Webmail3 currently supports a wide range of 3rd party service providers including Namecheap and Godaddy.

- Can I browse from my phone?

Visit from your phone browser to login to your mailbox. Webmail3 offers an responsive interface that supports most phones and tablets.

- Which DNS records are supported?

Webmail3 uses domain SRV records for email service discovery. Configuration instructions are available on setup page.

- What about privacy features?

Webmail3 is a privacy focussed client, built with security measures to protect sensitive information from bots and trackers.

- Is my data secure?

We do not store your email messages or your password on our servers. To have deleted all data related to your account, drop us an email.

Webmail3 is not associated with Godaddy™, Namecheap™, Mozilla™ or any other service provider or third party mentioned on this site.
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