Setup and Configuration

Webmail Workflow

Webmail3 can be configured easily using domain SRV records for any mailbox.


Host fetch

Webmail3 scans your domain SRV records following RFC6186 for IMAP and SMTP hosts.


Mailbox login

Webmail3 authenticates provided credentials with your IMAP host server using STARTTLS/SSL and "normal-password".


Sending emails

To process outgoing emails, Webmail3 connects using STARTTLS/SSL and "normal-password" to your SMTP host server.

Configuring SRV Records

Follow these three steps to setup your domain SRV records for webmail service discovery.

1. Get your email host URLs.

Find your 'email imap and smtp hosts' on your email service provider's platform.

2. Add DNS SRV record for IMAP

Enter following DNS SRV record for IMAP. Replace '' with your host IMAP URL. Ports 993 (SSL) and 143 (STARTTLS) are supported.
_imaps._tcp SRV 0 1 993

3. Add DNS SRV record for SMTP

Enter following DNS SRV record for SMTP. Replace '' with your host SMTP URL. Ports 465 (SSL) and 587 (STARTTLS) are supported.
_submission._tcp SRV 0 1 587

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